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Can you imagine why coaching has more audience than psychology?

For us, from the Janus Institute, who have worked with psychology since 1999 and since 2007 with coaching, the answer will depend on your main problem.

If it is predominantly inner, psychology is the best way to understand the problem, if it is however decidedly external, like your boss, the market or the family, Coaching is more successful as it is like hiring a coach of your favorite sport to facilitate a beautiful campaign for your personal "team".

In our Western culture people are, for the most part, extroverted, that is, oriented out of themselves, and therefore Coaching draws them strongly.

But, you may ask: what about our interior? Can we ignore it? Not even if we wanted to!

That is, at least, for the Coaching that the Janus Institute uses, which is based on Process-Oriented Psychology or Process Work, and which is dialectical, that is, sees the interior as complement to the exterior and vice versa. Hence the origin of our name and logo - Janus, a Latin god with two faces!

Process Work, is based on a deep psychological theory that is at the forefront of the world and encompasses the psychologies: Transpersonal, Somatic, and Jungian, as well as the concepts of deep democracy, quantum physics and ancient wisdom everywhere .

This psychology, predominantly experiential, respects the circumstances of the moment and follows the nature of the process, letting it unfold appropriately, according to the reality of each individual or institution.

We are currently negotiating an international certification for this Coaching that we have been practicing for 10 years. Our goal is to offer Brazil a powerful training, which consolidates Coaching, and you as Coach, as highly sophisticated tools, suitable for major transformations.

Do you realize now why coaching has more audience than psychology?

Luiza Helena Frota

Raul Monteiro

Psicólogos e Coaches

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