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Permaculture and Process Work: for Relationships and Organizations

We are very happy to announce that we achieved, some time ago, the degree of Permaculture experts through a post graduate course held at the State University of Ceará in partnership with Gaia Education.

This partnership has given more visibility to Gaia Education in the Northeast of Brazil, through a partnership with the Department of Environment of Fortaleza Prefecture in 2011 and began to bring to Permaculture in Brazil, the scientific status it has achieved around the world.

The permaculture although originally from Australia has achieved quite visibility, including at the United Nations through the Gaia Education based in Findhorn, Scotland.

Our monographs are intended both to overcome the lack of publications on the second ethics of permaculture: people care, as demonstrate the applicability of permaculture in any organization - profit, non-profit and government.

The methodology of Process Work, we employed for this, seems to have been created on request by the creators of permaculture, enabling, in a way full, organic, sensible and coherent the interconnection of its three ethics.

In other words, we expect our monographs facilitate the understanding that Permaculture is much more than earth care, and beyond this, without people care (internally and externally, starting with myself), a fair share is not sustainable.

These monographs are now available on the website of Gaia Education.

They are still, except for the abstract, in the original academic version in Portuguese, but we intend very soon, through a crowd-funding, provide a quite popular bi-lingual publication, printed and electronic, Portuguese - English.

We are dreaming-up(1) count on you through a crowd-funding project that we are developing.

Take a look at the abstract of the two monographs and tell us, or comment, about anything you would like to say or share.

Luiza Helena e Raul Monteiro


1) Dreaming-up in order to make reality something that seems to springs from ourselves as a night dream, for example. Something that not only we got to be desired, we feel we deserve. This dreaming-up acts as an unconscious influence that takes the universe itself to help us, either through people, either through meaningful coincidences or synchronicities.





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