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I Ching and Process Work Institute of Portland

I am Raul Monteiro of Brazil and started consulting the I Ching in 1970. In 1979 I began to study it and in 1982 I started studying Jung on my own, while being then IBM System Engineer.

In 1992 I started giving courses orienting people in their first consultation with the I Ching. In 1999 I graduated in Psychology.

If Arny is correct when he says that the I Ching was the first book on Process Work, I followed the opposite path to his: I started by I Ching and only later became a Jungian!

For all that, I was very pleased when I heard that the PWI team had consulted the Book of Changes in order to tuning into their dreams, fears and time.

The team got as answer the hexagram 46 and, as an indication of trend, the hexagram 7, if they follow the additional recommendation of the third line (bottom-up) that was moving or changing.

For those of PW community who have not yet had the opportunity to be initiated into the I Ching, I take the liberty to explain what its answer meant to the question PWI team made on 22 April 2014.

Sufficiently to demonstrate that the "pushing upward of the good elements encounters no obstruction and is therefore accompanied by great success" is there a party (9/9) to celebrate what our oracle with 3 million years old said, isn’t it?

But I would like to draw your attention to the second hexagram, 7 - The Army.

This second hexagram, which was obtained by processing the third line of the hexagram 46 (from Yang to yin), indicated in 2014 what the I Ching foresaw after the 46th hexagram process. Or can we say, after the accreditation certificate?

I suggest that you, especially if belonging to the PWI team, read The Judgment and The Image of this hexagram but I anticipate here the points I found most interesting: "... Discipline can not be achieved by force. It requires a strong man who captures the hearts of the people and awakens their enthusiasm." And finally, "In the middle of the earth is water: The image of THE ARMY."

It is not very interesting? And amazing?

I hope this "second vision" of the I Ching strengthen your interest in it and I stand available to advise you if you want to initiate yourself in using a little deeper this wonderful well of wisdom and self-knowledge that is the I Ching.

I bow to you (your inner sage) and the The Book of Changes.

Raul Monteiro

The Army

How Interesting Raul. I thank you for bringing this part to our attention! love Chris

You're welcome, Chris. I

You're welcome, Chris. I follow you, dear Commander.

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