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Coup in Brazil! What Greece can teach us?

I was very pleased when I found out (07.21.16) a response from Lily Vassiliou, a Diplomat in Process Work from Greece, about the sharing of my vision concerning the "attempt" (ie on 04.15.16) of a coup in Brazil.

Psychology and Politics !?

Not only in Brazil, I believe, people are surprised, or even bothered, when a psychologist or a non-governmental organization, such as Janus Institute "meddle" in politics.

So I need to go just telling you, dear reader, that we by the Janus Institute provide for more than two years consulting, coach type, for the political team of a councilman of Fortaleza. In this work, believe us, we face every meeting the challenge of balancing passion with reason.

Arnold Mindell

Our friend Arny, creator of Process Work, freed himself from this impasse when he wrote the 'Year I' and then 'Sitting in the Fire', respectively in 1990 and 1995. The first was also published in Brazil in 1993!

In the latter Mindell created the methodology of “Worldwork” or the "creative utilization of conflict" (Sitting in the Fire, p.12) and says "Politics and psychology are married, as we say, for better or worse." (idem, p. 38)

And then points out a solution that integrates the micro and macro levels, the local and the global stating that "every time you work to free yourself from a sense of internal oppression, you begin to transform the cultures you live in." (idem, p. 38)

Integrating micro and macro levels! How?

See my example: At the macro level, I received an email from Greece concerning the situation in Brazil. At the micro level, to my surprise, I was approached by a Participant from an Open Forum on politics I facilitated in April, talking excited about that forum and saying yes, he would participate in an upcoming if invited!

Therefore, I who had already scheduled another Open Forum on the local and global political situation (for the third Sunday of August, 2016), was again surprised by receiving in advance a response, from another Greek friend of mine, Vassiliki, about question I had not even sent!

I planned to ask how was her recent experience as a member of the Greek Parliament, elected by a radical left-wing party, and I am informed of a course on Politics and Psychology (anticipated by a free Open Forum), which will be taught by her in September in Process Work Institute!

Here I wish bring to your attention, dear reader, for these "coincidences" and apparent interactivity between the local and the global or between the micro and the macro, and inform you that for Processwork, as well as for Quantum Physics, these "synchronicities" are absolutely natural and scientific phenomena! Even already studied by psychologist Carl Gustav Jung from middle of last century.

Thus, we have here two teachings from Greece to Brazil: for those fluent in English, the course of Vassiliki Katrivanou

and ... for the large mjority, the translated message from Lily Vassiliou:


Athens, Greece, June 8, 2016

hi dear Raul,


Thank you for taking the time to write to inform our international community of what is happening in Brasil.. Here in Greece I and many of us are following what is happening there. The coup that you describe above has happened.. It is unbelievable where the state of "democracy"has reached in our days.

I can only offer you the bigger perspective that I get if I think of time in terms of the time we humans are on the planet, which helps me see things from a huge distance and know that things will change.. change is slow..

For me, like in the situation of the financial blackmail of Greece last July which was so openly committed that many in the international press called it a coup, as now the taking down of your President.

the only "good" thing I can find, is how transparent it all is. Everyone knows and says, "the emperor has no clothes" It so evident what is going on in our world...

This in itself in change.. it doesn't help us with the painful situation we have to face on the ground but to me it gives me some hope that helps me continue to do what i can to change things at the micro levels that i can...

Warm hugs from Athens,


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