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Brazil - Critical mass and nonlocality

Without a critical mass the "neutron" causes no reaction


Brazil, in 2012, was the world record holder in the absolute number of murders - 56,337 kills! 30% more than second place (India) and 280% more than the eighth (United States). A murder every 10 seconds! (1)

Much violence and so far only timid attempts to increase enforcement and build more prisons.

For our part, we are trying for 3 years to demonstrate processwork to prevent violence in schools and also to transform the climate: more educational than prison, in the socio-educational centers for youth in conflict with the law. See our article about it here.


And what does this have to do with you, Diplomat or student of Processwork?

1. According to the principle of nonlocality, naturally, all about.

2. Through the paradigm of Processwork this sea of troubles can also be an ocean of job opportunities!

3. Furthermore, Physics, Chemistry and Sociology share the concept of critical mass - a sufficient and necessary minimum amount of "material" to deflagrate self-sustained rate of attraction of new "materials" in a system.


What would be the critical mass of students and graduates, residents and / or guests needed to sustain Processwork in Brazil?


For your knowledge, has already came to Brazil, from 1994 to 2013 in sequential order: Arny and Amy Mindell, Carol Zahner, Stanford Siver, Midori Hirai and David Jones, among others.

Through the Janus Institute, NGO we belong, we had, since 2006, 7 projects funded: to train leaders in conflict resolution and to publish a book of Arny - The Leader as Martial Artist.

We also work with open forums in four other organizations. One of these also since 2006.

We still had the great privilege of two open forums conducted by Arny and Amy Mindell through video conferencing. One of them locally facilitated by Stanford Siver.

Even more recently, in 2013, Midori Hirai and David Jones came to Brazilo for a week of seminars, experience exchange and even meet with young people in a house of socio-educational measures.

Brazil is much more like the U.S. than Ukraine, Australia or Japan, is not it?

That being so, would you see what is missing in the country to reach critical mass in Processwork?

Would you then allow us to make a suggestion?

Do inner work, make a question to the I Ching, incubate a dream and find out if you would be one part of the critical mass that is missing.

This is what we are already doing, and if you allow yourself, the world, not only Brazil, will thank you very much.

Raul Monteiro Psychologist and student of Processwork for 15 years


(1) According Map of Violence - - in Portuguese.


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