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Nightmare and Hope

Waiting... until when?

Waiting... until when?

A 13 year old teenager was exposed in social networks and his existence placed on the first page of mainstream media candidly confessing of having killed a bus driver and injured a changer. The city was blocked with a bus strike in protest against insecurity of professional public transportation. 

My companion was robbed yesterday, with our 6 year old son in the car. I watched it! Across the street, hoping she would open the gate I was behind, while watching out for (As it seemed to me!) her "talk" with a man on a motorcycle! 

Later that night, the police officer who recorded the occurrence of the assault, conveyed in his dismay with that "Nightmare" and his lack of hope that there was some kind of solution.


I am a psychologist for 15 years, but I learned, while studying C. G. Jung (1) for over 30 years that all nighttime dreams are significant and that nightmares are just brutal and frightening because we do not understand its message. 

I'll explain better. The dreams, in the vision of transpersonal psychologies (2) (and even some religions) are messages from our essence, what we might call the Big You or God, according to what we believe. 

Try, for a moment, take the place of this essence. Of “your” essence. How would you feel, what would you do if someone you love and consider (yourself!) completely ignore all your communication attempts, in a matter of life or death? 

Would not be in agony? Would not try to shake, give a shock? Use even violence? For this is the logic of the nightmare! The stronger, the more important message! 

And here, I have the joy of presenting ... hope! The moment you understand the message ... the nightmare stops altogether! 

Turn back now to the assaults. Does not really seems to us a nightmare this escalation of violence? With the heads of family dead and increasingly younger people involved in the crime? 

And if this "nightmare" of consensus reality, just like dreams, is because we are not getting their messages? And what message would this be? 

Well, here we can help, stating that dreams have inside them its own interpretation. All clues to its rendering into our everyday language, are given in themselves. And, above all, you have all the conditions to interpret them because who ordered them (do you remember?) considers you very much. 

Another great track, or general principle, to interpret a dream is: appearances often deceive. It takes suspect, escape from certainties, not fall into the trap of the seemingly obvious. 

And it would not seem too obvious the interpretation "given(?) to us" repeatedly by the midia and police TV shows? The "victim" always being a family man, a "citizen" or "we" while the "culprit" always being a marginal, a "juvenile delinquents" or "them"? 

I had spent all that day with a sense of distress knowing that could help our society to understand the nightmare that haunts us and thereby facilitate the rescue of hope that could help us solve it. 

My contribution at this time is to provide a few questions that help to extract from the "nightmare" the message he brings us and, with this understanding, make the changes we need to finally conquer a deserved peace:

  • Who benefits from our lack of hope?

  • Were there other "victims"? Who would?

  • Were there other "culprits"? Who would?

  • Did you know that a robber to steal (and the younger, more unpredictable) is under the effects of a drug? Ie, an altered state of consciousness, being very risky any dialogue at this time?

  • Did you know that if a driver or changer, escape alive from an assault, not escape responding with their own pockets for the amount stolen?

  • And our public schools? Would know how to guide their students to prevent or to come out of organized crime?

  • And our socio-educational centers for young offenders? Would know how to give these boys and girls the limit and respect they need and deserve for wanting to progress within society?


Why schools and socio-educational centers of Ceará, Brazil, do not open to get to know and test a methodology that we studied for 8 years - Processwork (3), and see if it could indeed bring hope for us all?


Raul Monteiro

Psychologist and student of Process Work for 15 years


1) Analytical psychology is the psychology of Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist CG Jung, foremost disciple of Freud who was expelled by the master for defending the religion and art as energies as healthy as sexual one.

2) Transpersonal Psychologies responds to the needs of human beings to transcend their personal psyche, connecting to other broader realities and not ordinary states of consciousness.

3) Processwork, or process oriented psychology, is a paradigm that bridges both psyche and matter, inner and outer.


Your article....

Gives me hope, Raul. Thank you for your courage, power and belief in the power of this work. Blessings to you and your colleagues in Brazil! Warm regards, Jennifer


is like the water of a well: the more you you give, more the water improves! Thank you Jennifer.

re: nightmare and hope

Thank you Raul for your insights, hope and leadership! I appreciate learning a little bit about Brazil and some of its struggles which are also happening where I live in the US. Warm wishes, Bill Say


Let's learn a little bit together Bill. Warm regards from Brazil.

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