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Work Process and Personal Growth

For me, to be happy is to be consciously flowing in the very process of growth. Thus, the small things, "good" or "bad", fit in a broader context, ecological, ie, that includes nature, and became part of the fascinating history - or legend - of own personal life, pain relativizing, joys and giving us that feeling, breathtaking, we are living fully. In peace with our inner self and the universe.

Thus, the choice of Process Work as a world view, existential paradigm and method of work, became inevitable when, in 1999, while searching for a social application for Analytical Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, found Arnold Mindell that told in his book, The Shaman's Body, 1993:

Prospects of partnerships in Iguatu

On Friday, 10, Janus Institute members traveled to Iguatu, in Ceará, about 380km from Fortaleza. In the script, meetings with people interested in cultural projects and representatives from City Hall.

Process Work

The Janus Institute has been using Process Work for years, or as it is called, a "process-oriented psychology" (POP in Europe and Asia), as developed by Amy and Arnold Mindell, since the mid-1970s.


This world view and methodology have been applied by the Institute in resolving conflicts and overcoming violence, transforming the energy behind them in creativity and community spirit.

Arnold Mindell is the author of 20 books in 26 languages​​, including The Deep Democracy of Open Forums and The Leader as a Martial Artist. The first title is being translated and the other is already published in Portuguese by Janus' team.

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