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Experts come to Brazil to talk about youth in conflict and their realities

Janus Institute - Global Awareness and Social Ecology, with support from partner organizations and institutions*, promotes the International Seminar "Youth in Conflict and their Realities". The event will take place on July 29, 2013, at 2:00 p.m., at State Assembly (Parliament) of Ceará (Annex building - 6th. floor) and will feature simultaneous translation. Admission is free and seats will be made available with prior registration.

The Seminar purposes are: to promote the exchange of international and local knowledges and experiences and present methods of conflict resolution and re-socializing of youths at risk and vulnerability.

Watch the broadcast, with Portuguese translation, on Bom Jardim TV

For this exchange, in addition to the Seminar, there will be a Week of workshops and meetings, from July 30 to August 2, which will be presented methodologies applied for 20 years in the U.S., Russia and Switzerland, among other countries, the Communicator Clinical Therapist and Master in Conflict Resolution, PhD (abd) in Mediation, David Jones (Oregon, USA) and Master in Process Oriented Psychology (POP) Conflict Resolution and Organizational Change Midori Hirai (Japan).

Process Work and Brazil' street riots

By Raul A. Monteiro Jr.

How do we feel when observing the protests with thousands of protesters in hundreds of cities in Brazil? What our doubts are when we see crowds marching in the streets and sometimes clashed with the police?

The people of Brazil (finally) awakened? The governments (finally) began to be challenged by the people?

What we want to show is: 1) if the order comes out from chaos, and 2) whether the fact that big problems implies big solutions then, we are on the threshold of realizing the hope of many that dream(ed) with changes .

Abacus Accounting

About the time devoted to what really matters


It's early morning work. "The future is in distress." With a quote from Arnold Mindell psychologists Raul Monteiro and Luiza Frota step into the room.

Staff at Abacus Accounting get used to every fortnight for something different. The Janus Institute is there to act in the work environment in the company.

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