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Process Work and Brazil' street riots

By Raul A. Monteiro Jr.

How do we feel when observing the protests with thousands of protesters in hundreds of cities in Brazil? What our doubts are when we see crowds marching in the streets and sometimes clashed with the police?

The people of Brazil (finally) awakened? The governments (finally) began to be challenged by the people?

What we want to show is: 1) if the order comes out from chaos, and 2) whether the fact that big problems implies big solutions then, we are on the threshold of realizing the hope of many that dream(ed) with changes .

Abacus Accounting

About the time devoted to what really matters


It's early morning work. "The future is in distress." With a quote from Arnold Mindell psychologists Raul Monteiro and Luiza Frota step into the room.

Staff at Abacus Accounting get used to every fortnight for something different. The Janus Institute is there to act in the work environment in the company.

Work Process and Personal Growth

For me, to be happy is to be consciously flowing in the very process of growth. Thus, the small things, "good" or "bad", fit in a broader context, ecological, ie, that includes nature, and became part of the fascinating history - or legend - of own personal life, pain relativizing, joys and giving us that feeling, breathtaking, we are living fully. In peace with our inner self and the universe.

Thus, the choice of Process Work as a world view, existential paradigm and method of work, became inevitable when, in 1999, while searching for a social application for Analytical Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, found Arnold Mindell that told in his book, The Shaman's Body, 1993:

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