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Brazil - Critical mass and nonlocality

Without a critical mass the "neutron" causes no reaction


Brazil, in 2012, was the world record holder in the absolute number of murders - 56,337 kills! 30% more than second place (India) and 280% more than the eighth (United States). A murder every 10 seconds! (1)

Nightmare and Hope

Waiting... until when?

Waiting... until when?

A 13 year old teenager was exposed in social networks and his existence placed on the first page of mainstream media candidly confessing of having killed a bus driver and injured a changer. The city was blocked with a bus strike in protest against insecurity of professional public transportation. 

My companion was robbed yesterday, with our 6 year old son in the car. I watched it! Across the street, hoping she would open the gate I was behind, while watching out for (As it seemed to me!) her "talk" with a man on a motorcycle! 

Consultants arrive in Brazil

Guests will present lectures and workshops during the Janus International Week "Youth in Conflict and their Realities" from July 29 to August 2, in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil.

Midori Hirai (Japan) and David Jones (Oregon, USA) among Janus Institute board of Directors: Duda, Raul and Luiza. Welcome!

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