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SYRIZA is the face of a changing Europe

The SYRIZA, left party that took office in Greece this week, has a Congresswoman we know when we were in Portland-OR in the US, making our Intensive Course of Process Work in 2007: is our friend Vassiliki Katrivanou

Arnold Mindell said this when he heard the result, on Sunday:

"HURRAH GREECE! The Greek Radical Left (Syriza) party is now in power. May it continue with good luck, by using collective processes (hopefully including Deep Democracy) to succeed."

 (Some of you may be interested in following the Facebook discussion of this).

A process oriented approach for couples

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Brazil - Critical mass and nonlocality

Without a critical mass the "neutron" causes no reaction


Brazil, in 2012, was the world record holder in the absolute number of murders - 56,337 kills! 30% more than second place (India) and 280% more than the eighth (United States). A murder every 10 seconds! (1)

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