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I Ching and Process Work Institute of Portland

I am Raul Monteiro of Brazil and started consulting the I Ching in 1970. In 1979 I began to study it and in 1982 I started studying Jung on my own, while being then IBM System Engineer.

In 1992 I started giving courses orienting people in their first consultation with the I Ching. In 1999 I graduated in Psychology.

If Arny is correct when he says that the I Ching was the first book on Process Work, I followed the opposite path to his: I started by I Ching and only later became a Jungian!

Coup in Brazil! What Greece can teach us?

I was very pleased when I found out (07.21.16) a response from Lily Vassiliou, a Diplomat in Process Work from Greece, about the sharing of my vision concerning the "attempt" (ie on 04.15.16) of a coup in Brazil.

Psychology and Politics !?

Not only in Brazil, I believe, people are surprised, or even bothered, when a psychologist or a non-governmental organization, such as Janus Institute "meddle" in politics.

Coup in Brazil?


I was awakened today with an inner eagerness to share with the Process Work international community on how I see what is happening in Brazil

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