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Coup in Brazil! What Greece can teach us?

I was very pleased when I found out (07.21.16) a response from Lily Vassiliou, a Diplomat in Process Work from Greece, about the sharing of my vision concerning the "attempt" (ie on 04.15.16) of a coup in Brazil.

Psychology and Politics !?

Not only in Brazil, I believe, people are surprised, or even bothered, when a psychologist or a non-governmental organization, such as Janus Institute "meddle" in politics.

Coup in Brazil?


I was awakened today with an inner eagerness to share with the Process Work international community on how I see what is happening in Brazil

Report of a journey: Attending Process Work at Colombia

By Luiza Helena Frota and Raul Monteiro

Our trip to Colombia was inevitable, because we could not miss the first seminar in South America given by Arnold and Amy Mindell. This was, in turn, the initial tip foot of an intensive and thorough training in the Process Oriented Psychology, or "Trabalho Processivo", as we call it in Brazil.

This training, lasting two years, is that we dream to install here in our country. It has five days modules, video conferencing, work in small groups, individual therapy sessions, plus a practical project that reflects learning and individual guidance of each participant.

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