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The Institute

The Institute Janus wants to awaken the conscience of each person to care about yourself and the planet, in an integrated and comprehensive way

The Janus Institute believes in the role that each individual can take in his/her community and workplace, as a responsible and modifier agent of the environment in which we all live.

The Institute

The Janus - Institute for Global Consciousness, is an entity that operates in the nonprofit sector since 1999. It is a pioneer institution in Ceará in using Process Work*, which can be summarized as art, science and wisdom to follow nature interior and exterior, for, among other objectives, facilitate conflict resolution.

Process Work is a worldview with various methods of awareness about yourself and the world around, to take responsibility and dialogue to make decisions and attitudes about it.

The Janus operates in a broad field of overcoming conflicts, organizational changes and interventions in the institutional environment in order to make the work environment more productive, creative, healthy, and therefore sustainable.

*Process Work or the Psychology Oriented by Process, creation of physical and psychologist Arnold Mindell, PhD.


The name Janus originates from Latin Mythology, represented with two or four faces, symbolizing the dualities and tensions of life. Considered the god of gates, Janus appeared to be responsible for opening the doors of the coming year.