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Janus Institute now reaching Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Princ., Guinea-Bissau, East Timor and Macau

We are pleased to report that we are already reaching 8 countries, and the city of Macau in China, Portuguese-speaking, through the Google funding for nonprofits that Janus Institute won.

Thousands of people from Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia are accessing the page of Janus Institute, knowing our projects using Worldwork, and seeing our book sale ad The Leader as Martial Artist of Arnold Mindell.

We want however to "sell" well beyond the books, Worldwork and the world view of Process Work, for this part of the world still insufficiently covered by certified professionals and diplomates with this methodology.

Including and especially for Brazil!

We believe however that these "sales" should receive a boost after the video’s release with Arny interview on Worldwork produced in August 2015 by PWI and IPA wich we, Janus Institute in partnership with Chris Allen, PhD president of PWI, translated subtitles for the Portuguese language.

We hope that all this can increase the visibility of Process Work certified professionals and diplomate who already live in Brazil and perhaps awaken the roles of pioneer and pathfinder in other affiliates of IAPOP around these 8 countries and the city of Macau, which is right next to Hong Kong.


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